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A particular focus is dedicated to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, coastal and hilly; Territory that many people do not know but which offers the opportunity to live in a wellness dimension in total safety and tranquility, benefiting from every type of service and land morphology (sea, hill, mountain, plain) just a few minutes drive 'One from the other, that we invite you to discover with us.
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Agenzia Azzurra

I founded Andrian & Partners in 1999 to offer independent real estate brokers, real estate development opportunities, strong marketing initiatives, and prestige property contacts.
As real estate brokers, we are dealing with residential properties, hotels and wineries.
In real estate development, through our network of relationships, we devote ourselves to the creation real estate transactions for the exploitation of buildings and palaces, following actively the market trends.
Excellence in the services offered and in the selection of properties, transparency in direct relationship with customers, professionalism, experience and competence are our values ​​and our pillars that allow us to assert that Andrian & Partners enjoys an unbeatable reputation since 1999.
My wish is to know you personally and to meet all your needs in real estate.

Denis Andrian

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